Debt Sneaking Up Behind – Humor

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By popular demand I am ending this week with a Debt Free Humor Post.  This week has been bittersweet, but I refuse to discuss the bitter and will only discuss the sweet.

Special thanks to David from Adult Young Money and Personal Financial Tips for the mention.  If you haven’t been to any of these blogs, you’re missing out on some really good financial tips.

Special thanks to Kassandra from More Than Just Money for the mention also.  This is another awesome blog I follow that will pull you in, and keep your mind occupied with good financial tips. Hey don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Lastly, I just want to thank all of you who follow my blog.  The wonderful comments, emails, and help behind the scenes has been awesome and I really appreciate it. Everyone have a good weekend, and remember to laugh out loud at least once everyday.


Petrish @ Debt Free Martini


Financial Fitness Program


All year I have maintained a strict financial fitness regimen and I feel so much better off as a person, and thought it was time to share my awesome program.

1. Stretch your mind.  Change your mindset and realize that living with debt is living below your privilege. Base on statistics provided by the Federal Reserves in 2014 the average American household has about $15,611 in credit card debt.  Is living with debt really ok?  Has the American culture accepted this ideal as a normal way of living?

2.  Change your spending diet.  You are what you spend.  Going on a spending diet will change your life and with a strict diet you may see your financial physique slowly change before your eyes.  If you have a family and your about to go on a spending diet, its best to sit them down and get them onboard with your plan.  Completing a spending diet along with your family is a great opportunity to teach your children about money, and create a great support system during the process.

3.  Exercise and train your mind to stick to your budget. Exercising your budget muscle is the key to changing your financial overall fitness, and will give you quick results that will motivate you to continue your exercise regimen on a daily basis. This can be the most difficult discipline, but if you practice and exercise your mind to stick to your budget, eventually your mind, body and soul will begin to stick to your budget plan with ease and without effort.

4.  Bench press those monthly debt payments.  Bench press those dollars and drop them on your debt like you mean business.  The more you bench press those dollars and drop them on your debt, the quicker you’ll get rid of those bills and feel the freedom of living without debt. Always remember that at times you will feel pain while financially exercising away your monthly debt balance, but overtime your financial muscles will adjust, and you’ll eventually love the feeling of working your debt off for good.




5.  Keep yourself mentally motivated.  Always use positive thinking to stick to your financial fitness regimen, and surround yourself with like minded people.  At times the weight of debt will leave you feeling overwhelmed, and its within those moments you will have to practice self motivation. Try your best to remember that keeping a financial fitness regimen will be well worth it, and in time you will reap the benefits.

My personal tip to all those who feel they want to stick to a strict financial fitness program is when you feel like giving up, always remind yourself of the big picture of living a life without debt.

What are some of your financial fitness exercises or regimes?

What Do People Really Think About Your Blog?


Have you ever wished that you were standing over someone’s shoulder while they were looking at your blog and actually hear what they are thinking?  Well it’s possible by using a website called  By utilizing this free service, you will have the opportunity to hear and see a live 5 minute video of a real person using your site.

I was introduced to this site for a homework assignment from The Blogging Academy Course I am currently enrolled in, and was really happy to get an outside perspective on the functionality and look of my blog.  The website allows people to test their website for free, three times per month, and so far I have used it twice.  Once before and after I did some redesigning of my site, and I thought it would be cool to share the results.

(Oh…by the way, I ‘m not getting paid to plug this website…I just actually care about my fellow bloggers and want them to succeed.)

1.  First Peek User test results. Went pretty well.

– Live tester immediately understood what my blog was about.

– Found the blog layout to be ok and user-friendly.

– Expressed that the author (Me) seemed to be down to earth.

– Felt that the posts on the blog were well written.

– Recommended adding a Top Post Listing (Which I have now added).

–  Tester expressed that overall it was a good blog to read.

2.  Second Peek User Test after my mini re-design.  Didn’t go so well!

–  Live tester felt the blog was only geared to ethnic people  (Hmmm….not sure why).

–  Live test said my blog was way too busy  (Might be because of the added ads and placement).

–  Recommended to add an ABOUT tab to tool bar ( MY STORY is my about tab, I like it better…and keeping it).

–  Overall believed that the blog was ok.

My second test was pretty harsh to watch, but I agreed with the tester and realized my mini redesign was a little too busy and needed some tweaking.  At the end of the day, even though I have added affiliate ads to my site, its important to me that my readers still enjoy what I have to say, and not be distracted by bling-bling ads and annoying pop-ups just to make some cash.  I can’t stand it when I visit a blog/website, and its clear that my only purpose of being there is not to read the articles, but only to contribute to a pay-per-click cash session.

At the end of the day, each blog design is a reflection of the blogger behind the computer, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that their blog design is perfect for their followers.  I can never compromise who I am to get more readers, but there is no problem with tweaking my blog design here and there, to make it look more professional.  For newbies like me….this can be a great service.

What do you think of utilizing a service like this?

If you have used a similar service.  How was your experience?