Melodrama Monday(1)

Melodrama Monday – Finish What You Started…

Melodrama of the week dilemma: So I am transitioning from the military, opening a beauty supply store, clearing loads of red tape to become a Japanese resident, and repairing my blogging career/business all at the same time in a span of 5 months.  I am so overwhelmed, but grateful that I am healthy, alive, and […]


My Unexpected Financial Detour

So this is the skinny……For the past few months I have been working on opening my own ethnic beauty supply store in Yokosuka, Japan.  This project has consumed me and I have had to put my writing, freelancing, and blogging on hold just to get to this point.  With keys to the store in my […]

home base

In Pursuit of Home Base….The Bad Credit Score Life

A credit score is more than a number and at times can misrepresent you or put your scandalous business out on the street.  Who’d knew that those 3 numbers standing so close together,  could mean so much.  Well as a recovered bad credit veteran, I am living proof that there is hope and that with patience, money, and time […]

Blogging 101…

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Hazards of Not Having a Hiatus Emergency Plan

Due to the my career choice to always put Uncle Sam’s business first in the world’s finest Navy, I had to take an unexpected hiatus from my blog.  Many times while away I would stop to think and shake my head for I never created a backup plan for the times the military would take […]


Proper Etiquette While Commenting on Blogs

Commenting on other blogs is a big part of blogging, and if done improperly can kill all your efforts with building loyal followers.  After blogging for over a year (actually a year and four months), I have witness some really crazy blog comments around the blogosphere and now cringe when I see a new blogger […]

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Debt Humor – Have a laugh!

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Role Call, Petrish…HERE!!!

Lately I’ve been looking around….and OMG I don’t recognize my life.  I’ve had to pinch myself and say Petrish is this for real, and where has the days and time gone?  OH Hell No!!! Is that everyone’s expectations looking down on me? Oh crap I think it has been lowered, not looking good for me. I hear […]

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Debt Progress Reports…

March Progress Report

Debt Progress Report – March 31, 2015

I can’t believe I’m posting another progress report and we are in the month of April already.   In my world, the year is still fairly new, so if you have already forgotten about your New Years resolutions it’s still not too late to try to achieve those goals.  I wished I had paid off […]

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